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Disney shade + background
Game of Tag by KashimusPrime
Commission:Faultinthestars by KashimusPrime
Commission: JaegerPony by KashimusPrime
For 20$ (15$ for the Disney shade + 5$ for background) you will get an illustration with the Disney shade of any character of your choice. 

Do not fret. If you don't have the points but have the money and a paypal, I am available for Paypal money sending. Just ask me about it.
Disney styled clip art
Commission: Kainaa by KashimusPrime
Kash went Disney by KashimusPrime
Commission: Laniej by KashimusPrime
Commission: GunSlingerDante by KashimusPrime
Commission: Fault in the Stars by KashimusPrime
I am willing to draw and color your character in the style of the shaded Disney clipart. This will be for your characters only, this is not for custom characters. 

What you will receive: 

A digital drawing of your character shaded in the style of Disney's detailed clipart. It will be backgroundless. You can choose to have it submitted or shared privately through st.ash. 

Please be sure to have a good reference of your character at the time of asking. This means no extra shading of your character, a simple flat color will do. If it is off a base, please tell me if there are some characteristics that set it apart from just another Simba or Kovu clone.

The price may be high but is equal to 15$. Prices for this type of commission have been doubled due to feeling like I wasn't getting much from giving you guys high quality art. 
Bust w/ simple Background
New Princess in town by KashimusPrime
Sarabi Bust by KashimusPrime
As described, bust of your chosen character with a simple background. Please provide a good color reference of your character. 
Personal Character Illustration
Prideland Lioness #2 by KashimusPrime
Kali by KashimusPrime
Commission: Torro-Torro by KashimusPrime
For 5$ I will draw your personal character with simple flat colors and line coloring. 
Saka by KashimusPrime
What you will receive upon selecting this option is a very basic, very sketchy flat colored illustration of your choosing. 
Parentage Character Design
With the selection of one (or siblings) character, I can design parents(Both mother and father) for your character(s). The infant versions of your characters will be drawn with them for comparison free of charge. 

Lion King lion characters only please. 
Custom character commissions
Character Commission: Imvula by KashimusPrime
Character Commission: Imvula by KashimusPrime
Character Commission: Rinjapine by KashimusPrime
Commission: Glingal by KashimusPrime
Commission: LionKingLover0514 by KashimusPrime
Want a new character? I will gladly design a customized character.  

I will not do art for you if you are under 13. Please do not lie to me just to get a commission. That will only make matters worse.

Character design type commissions are currently closed due to lack of inspiration or creativity.
Breeding Results
I will design cubs for any of your characters. When requesting a breeding, please provide a full body reference of both parents. If you're asking for a breeding from a character that doesn't belong to you, please ask the owner first. I don't want to upset anyone when making these if a character was not open for breeding results. All breeding results will be drawn as infants. Because infant lions are a guilty pleasure to draw. If you want them drawn as any other age, don't be afraid to ask. 
Extra Character
This option is for ordering an extra character with your commission. 

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Simply Amazing!


Tau, son of Malka and Vitani by HalesPookieBear

I don't even know where to start with this one. You basically used a base, and a Disney background on this one. I think you'd have a mu...

Well, for starters. The coloration for this fellow isn't half bad. It's gentle on the eyes and it looks like he could easily blend in w...


Commissions Rules and Information

I appreciate everyone asking for a commission. But I can only handle 3-5 at a time so I'm not over whelmed or bogged down. I hear a lot of horror stories about how people are ripped off and I don't want to become that type of person. I want to try and please every one of you wonderful people. However there are some Do's and Don't's that even I cannot handle.

Below are some rules to what I can and cannot do for you:

I can:

Draw other animals such as wolves, rabbits, and other creatures (I just need time to study them before I attempt them)
Draw Lion King (This is mainly why folks commission me)

I can't/won't:

Draw anthro
Do anything fetish related
Make traced bases(Just don't ask)
Draw for you if you are under 13 years of age(please do not lie to me about this)
Draw humans (I am not at that level of power just yet)
Draw anything technology related(this includes steampunk)
While I can draw them, I am no longer into My Little Pony so please don't ask me to design them
Gore or Vore falls under fetish, don't ask me to draw this. Small bits of blood is okay but nothing too severe

Again I appreciate everyone wanting commissions. Please understand that things may take awhile as I get other folks taken care of when you order a commission from me.

I tend to be fast so sometimes small things such as character designs or personal character illustrations can be done in a day, where as Disney Shade commissions can take as long as two days to finish.

I always try to give you at least 3 days waiting period for all commissions, should something come up I will let you know as to what is going on.

Always try to have a way to stay in contact with me, I like to get confirmation from you the commissioner on sketches before I get to work coloring them. Keeping in contact via deviantART Notes is a perfect example as I don't exactly use my eMail.

Thank you again.

Gallery policy

Everything in this gallery is NOT free to trace. It may not be a violation in the site's policy but it's a violation to my rights as an artist.



Join the darkside


I Love my Intuos 4 Stamp by rlhcreationsPaint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed
Illustrator Stamp by mushirAdobe Photoshop Stamp by SoulTutorialFlash stamp by mushir


For commissions please look to the commissions widget at the top of my page. They are priced based on how long it takes to complete them.


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Presidency Stamp by MoHowl
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Im So Tracist by KashimusPrimeStamp - Low BS Tolerance by fnookNot allowed by pjuk
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GTFO beggars by prosaixBumblebee Animated Stamp by MammaCarnageNo Drama Stamp 2 by StampsbyJen
Bullying makes you a loser by SoraRoyals77Gallery Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafDA Stamp - Commissions 006 by tppgraphics
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Portal Stamp - Orange by SparkLum



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tumblr ohh4ceTOZG1v93lruo2 540 by KashimusPrime
I thought the Lion Guard staff were doing well with character designs.. Then these two came along. 

They look like something you find here on deviantART from a recolored traced base with poor quality added accessories. Maybe if they get rid of the hair they'd be great but that's the fault with these designs.. The hair clashes with the rest of the characters' designs. I don't remember seeing human hair on gorillas in Tarzan.…

Youtube art theft. 

If you are DJ88, Elbel1000, xxCaliforniaAngelxx, Luno-LTL, or Atan, I strongly advice DMCA'ing their videos. It's the only way to get your stuff removed. 
#Kopa officially no longer recognized by #Disney in the newest The Lion Guard episode.

Figure I'd give this a try, see how I like it. If I don't I can always remove it like I did before. 

But yea! Scar's Shadow reboot in the works. Script is 80% done and I'm 10 pages in for thumbnail layout sketches. W00! 


KashimusPrime has started a donation pool!
5,627 / 2,000
I could use help keeping up with the subscription, any and all help would be appreciated. Those who donate I'll try to give a Llama to them.

You must be logged in to donate.

Wishling Stickers and posters on Zazzle. Anyone interested if I did these??? 

32 deviants said Not really (What are Wishlings?)
12 deviants said Yes!
8 deviants said Maybe


KashimusPrime's Profile Picture
Wants to color for Disney
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Fandom Stamp by Sheikah-ness

DevID by Kuitsuku

Inspired does not equal 'copycat by NinjaKato
Banhammer Massacre by Illogical-LynxIf you didn't make it, don't post it by DanerbootsPlease learn what a cyber bully is by Danerboots
NOT ART by Axolsquadl

Judge not by the shape of my avatar

Avatar by Zeurel

Oh you think I'm ruud? Sorry not sorry I hurt your fee-fees over criticism on an ART website

I respect the rules. So don't get pissy at me if I try to explain the rules to you should you have stuff that doesn't belong to you in your gallery.

Unless you're asking for redlines, criticism on either a work of your art/character design, or showing me something, please do not beg me for points, or pageviews. I'm not a charity(If I was feeling it, I'll donate of my own free will) and chances are I'll have come across your gallery at some point on my own.

I do not have siblings younger than myself.

If someone claims this trying to keep my art, they are lying.

Why would I be jealous of your traced/copied garbage when I can draw for myself?

As clever as your screenshot edits may be, it's not art.

Please do not beg me to look at or like your gallery. I have different varying tastes in art. I say this because I've had people begging for views. Not cool.

Respect isn't a hand out. You can't demand it, you must fucking earn it. So don't expect me to instantly be your friend or respect you without giving me respect in return.

I just don't like kids anymore.

I thought I was on deviantART, not 4Chan.

:iconcautionplz: I am not here to babysit you.

:iconcautionplz:If you have a request for my Learn2Draw blog, please don't be afraid or hesitate to ask me here. This works for those of you who don't have a tumblr as well.

:iconcautionplz:You cannot copy my art under any circumstances. I don't care if your family member/boyfriend/dog is sick or dying. You have no idea how hard it is to get the poses and everything right.

:iconcautionplz:If you have something to share with me, please note it. Don't post it for all to see.

:iconcautionplz:I may occasionally do trades, but I am not open for them

:iconcautionplz:Please do not ask me to join your contests

:iconcautionplz:Please refrain from reposting my art on your youtube/videos, facebook, photobucket, blog, fanpop, or editing my art for Aniroleplay.

:iconcautionplz:Oh you hate me? Please leave a message with my secretary and I'll get back with you soon



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Question: Do you have a limit on how many extra characters you'll do? *Asking because I'd like to get a group shot some day* Also, WITH the watermark unaltered etc. would you mind a commission being used on a website/wiki? (By this I mean I have a personal website, and I have a wiki for my books/films) Thanks.

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday!
KashimusPrime Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think my limit is five in one sitting. Also, once you paid for the artwork you can do what ever you wish with the watermarked version. The unwatermarked version is for private use like wallpaper or printed out poster. 
AshWolf-Forever Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Professional General Artist
That's reasonable. I had to ask on the use, as I know some artists prefer no use elsewhere. :) Thanks! 
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can i commission you? ;A;
KashimusPrime Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure! Personal character illustrations are opened, character designs are closed c: 
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