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Disney shade + background
For 20$ (15$ for the Disney shade + 5$ for background) you will get an illustration with the Disney shade of any character of your choice. 

Do not fret. If you don't have the points but have the money and a paypal, I am available for Paypal money sending. Just ask me about it.
Disney styled clip art
I am willing to draw and color your character in the style of the shaded Disney clipart. This will be for your characters only, this is not for custom characters. 

What you will receive: 

A digital drawing of your character shaded in the style of Disney's detailed clipart. It will be backgroundless. You can choose to have it submitted or shared privately through st.ash. 

Please be sure to have a good reference of your character at the time of asking. This means no extra shading of your character, a simple flat color will do. If it is off a base, please tell me if there are some characteristics that set it apart from just another Simba or Kovu clone.

The price may be high but is equal to 15$. Prices for this type of commission have been doubled due to feeling like I wasn't getting much from giving you guys high quality art. 
Bust w/ simple Background
As described, bust of your chosen character with a simple background. Please provide a good color reference of your character. 
Personal Character Illustration
For 5$ I will draw your personal character with simple flat colors and line coloring. 
What you will receive upon selecting this option is a very basic, very sketchy flat colored illustration of your choosing. 
Parentage Character Design
With the selection of one (or siblings) character, I can design parents(Both mother and father) for your character(s). The infant versions of your characters will be drawn with them for comparison free of charge. 

Lion King lion characters only please. 
Custom character commissions
Want a new character? I will gladly design a customized character.  

I will not do art for you if you are under 13. Please do not lie to me just to get a commission. That will only make matters worse.

Character design type commissions are currently closed due to lack of inspiration or creativity.
Breeding Results
I will design cubs for any of your characters. When requesting a breeding, please provide a full body reference of both parents. If you're asking for a breeding from a character that doesn't belong to you, please ask the owner first. I don't want to upset anyone when making these if a character was not open for breeding results. All breeding results will be drawn as infants. Because infant lions are a guilty pleasure to draw. If you want them drawn as any other age, don't be afraid to ask. 
Extra Character
This option is for ordering an extra character with your commission. 

Newest Deviations

Ch 1 Hiccup Rewrite
Shock. Disbelief. Grief. Many words would describe how Renee Baxter, a youth from Arcadia Oaks California was feeling. But truth be told, hollow would better describe what she truly felt. The news still echoed through her mind. Her parents had died under mysterious circumstances while over seas on one of their many business trips. She couldn’t lie to herself that she didn’t care. In all honesty, she cared very deeply. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her at this point. It pained her even more that she had an argument with her mother just before they left. She had wanted to go with them so that they could spend time with each other during their down time.
I hate you! You never have time for me! Were her exact words she had shouted at her mother. That night before they parted would haunt her to the end of days.
A sudden pot hole sent the car lurching, bringing her back to her senses and out of her thousand yard stare. She watched as rain bands shaped,
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 3 0
Ch 7 Honorbound
Cross pulled Burke back through the threshold, keeping her between him and the beasts she’d befriended. Burke cringed as she felt the blade burn against her skin. She wasn’t sure how she was going to get out of this one as she struggled against him. Even though the man was in a cast and a limp with his leg, he still held her tightly in place.
The Zippleback gas still hung in the air. Her lungs burned as she breathed it in. If only there was a way to ignite the gas. She could use the explosion to break free. She struggled as he dragged her further into the gas filled room. She dug her heels into the ground, trying to slow him down long enough for her to try and figure her next plan of action.
The click of an igniter set off a chain reaction as the gas all around them exploded. In the midst of the chaos, Burke took the opportunity to snap her head back against Cross’ face and slide free as the man cried out in pain. He tried to go after her, narrowly missing her shirt a
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 3 5
Race Against Time rewrite -- Prologue
Monsters are not born. Luck in this world has turned against them and molded them into what they are. Even the most gentlest spirits can be broken and rearranged into something that strikes fear into the mightiest of men. It is not their fault they are who they are.
A Terrible Terror comes in for a landing, checking out its surroundings curiously for any sign of food scraps or anything left by the local viking settlement. It hardly noticed as a four year old toddler waddled up towards it, his hands stretched out to it. By the time the tiny terror had turned to see the oncoming human, an axe came zipping through the air to land between the two, scaring the tiny Terror off.
The young boy fell back in shock, tearing up as he began to sniffle into his leather sleeves. A large, muscular man came from the woods in a rush to the boy’s side. He set aside a stack of freshly chopped lumber to pick the child up, inspecting him for any injuries.
“The devil didn’t hurt you.
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 8 0
Ch 6 -- These paths we choose
“That’s it guys. Keep at it!” Burke had supportively shouted as a row of eight Gronkles chewed through the concrete and brick wall of the tunnel. Behind her, dragons anxiously waited. They understood the excitement as they collectively gathered behind. They wanted freedom as much as the next creature within the tunnel labyrinth.
Burke was focussed on the task at hand, she hardly noticed that she was surrounded by her childhood fear. Baxter’s training seem to have worked.
A gurgle from a Gronkle was all that it took to announce that the eight had chewed through to the other side. In an instance, the other dragons rushed forth, intent on getting out of the closed off tunnel. Burke barely had time to get out of the way as she was plucked from the stampede. She looked up to see the Nadder had her in its beak by her jacket.
“Thanks.” She reached back, patting its snout as they waited for the last of the dragons to clear out.
Once the dust settled, the fou
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 2 2
Ch 5 Odin's Judgement
The tunnels were dank, dark, and deep. They smelled of sewage and the tang of rust. Burke was none too happy but it was in her job description to go where few dare tread. Her flashlight flickered briefly as she scuttled through the sludge film on the floor. She held up her phone as she tried to read the photo of the map she took. On the walls, old signs were barely legible, faded over time and graffiti.
The further she entered the tunnels, the weaker her wifi signal. Making it difficult to track her route path.
She smacked the butt of her flashlight again as the light flickered more frequently. She didn’t want to get lost down in ancient abandoned tunnels. That wasn’t her plan at all.
It was too late as she found herself in pitch black nothingness save for her cell phone light that barely lit the area ahead of her. She was on a fifty percent charge and knew she couldn’t last long down there.
“The things I do for a paycheck..” She complained as she trudged
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 4 2
Mature content
Ch 4 --Road to Ruin :iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 2 2
Ch 3 -- The viking way
As she was told, Maddison had arrived at Baxter Academy bright and early that morning. O-seven hundred hours sharp! Just one thing. She didn’t know where Baxter was. She found herself wandering the campus, asking around. With a pamphlet map in hand she looked lost as she wandered the walkways, passing students on their morning jogs before class.
Eventually she was told she could find her at the loading docks towards the back of the property. The journey was long and tiring, leaving her a few minuets behind schedule. But she soon found herself before a grand storage building that looked more modern than the rest of the buildings on the property.
“Anyone here?” She called out, coming round a small truck to the opened garage. The sight of a large burlap sack was seen hurled into the back of the truck as she peered through.
“You’re ten minuets late.” Baxter scolded as she tossed another burlap sack full of who knows what into the back of the truck.
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 3 6
RAT II -- Ch 2 Fears That Bind
There was electricity in the air as spectators made their ways to their seats in the amphitheater. Along the grounds outside, stalls sold black and red foam viking helmets and wood carved axes that bare the school’s crest as a buff but stout viking mascot costume danced among passersby. It was game night and the Hooligans were sure to win. Their varsity team had been practicing for hours on end and strengthening their weaknesses.
Drums began to pound as the color guard displayed their support for their team on the field, wielding flags of black and red, their school’s colors, as they marched to the intoxicating beat. Above them, the nets laid out into place, ready to catch any player who falls. Rings on both sides of the field were hoisted into the air awaiting scores from each team as the catapult was rolled into place at the center of the field.
The crowd cheered excitedly as they got seated. Many pounding their wooden axes together along with the beating of the drums as
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 2 2
Role in Story
Protagonist, hero, feminist, of chaotic good alignment
Physical Description
Slender, sensual, blonde, fair skin, teal green eyes
Honorable, arrogant, sarcastic, witty, cocky, foul-mouthed, abrasive, rich, quick witted, antagonistic,
Makes cynical jokes at the worst moments, tends to act a seductress encountering her targets in the form of mockery
Lost her parents to her uncle when she was just 10 years old. His intentions were for her family’s millions, but when he turned on her, her ancestor’s spirit awoke and controlled her body when she was incapable of protecting herself. Managing to fight off her uncle, the result was a hurricane size destruction of a New York block. She was taken in by distant nordic family after her first spiritual possession. She spent her years growing up learning about her ancestor’s past while at the same time learning vi
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 3 3
Race Against Time II: Ch 1 -- Modern Dragons
Clunk-Tchk! Clunk-Tchk!
The sound of armored men and women echoed in the alley way as they lined up along an old building in the eastern district of Tokyo Town New York.
Clunk-Tchk! Clunk-Tchk!
“Put your backs into it! This shipment has to be moved out tonight!” The foreman shouted, walking down narrow lanes of workers who packaged together dried contents, scale hide, and bone. He would hit the back of anyones head who slowed work process as he passed. Growing anxious with each passing minuet that his shipment of illegally obtained dragon parts isn’t secure.
Outside, the men and women of Precinct Twenty Seven had all lined up, ready to knock down the door as the battering ram came into place.
An ear splitting shriek suddenly echoed through out the alley way as dragons tore into the building. A pair of Monstrous Nightmares had set themselves on fire as they tore into the walls. Making a hole large enough. They then backed off as they glanced up into the night sky. Thei
:iconkashimusprime:KashimusPrime 3 2


I don't even know where to start with this one. You basically used a base, and a Disney background on this one. I think you'd have a mu...

Well, for starters. The coloration for this fellow isn't half bad. It's gentle on the eyes and it looks like he could easily blend in w...


Commissions Rules and Information

I appreciate everyone asking for a commission. But I can only handle 3-5 at a time so I'm not over whelmed or bogged down. I hear a lot of horror stories about how people are ripped off and I don't want to become that type of person. I want to try and please every one of you wonderful people. However there are some Do's and Don't's that even I cannot handle.

Below are some rules to what I can and cannot do for you:

I can:

Draw other animals such as wolves, rabbits, and other creatures (I just need time to study them before I attempt them)
Draw Lion King (This is mainly why folks commission me)

I can't/won't:

Draw anthro
Do anything fetish related
Make traced bases(Just don't ask)
Draw for you if you are under 13 years of age(please do not lie to me about this)
Draw humans (I am not at that level of power just yet)
Draw anything technology related(this includes steampunk)
While I can draw them, I am no longer into My Little Pony so please don't ask me to design them
Gore or Vore falls under fetish, don't ask me to draw this. Small bits of blood is okay but nothing too severe

Again I appreciate everyone wanting commissions. Please understand that things may take awhile as I get other folks taken care of when you order a commission from me.

I tend to be fast so sometimes small things such as character designs or personal character illustrations can be done in a day, where as Disney Shade commissions can take as long as two days to finish.

I always try to give you at least 3 days waiting period for all commissions, should something come up I will let you know as to what is going on.

Always try to have a way to stay in contact with me, I like to get confirmation from you the commissioner on sketches before I get to work coloring them. Keeping in contact via deviantART Notes is a perfect example as I don't exactly use my eMail.

Thank you again.

Gallery policy

Everything in this gallery is NOT free to trace. It may not be a violation in the site's policy but it's a violation to my rights as an artist.



Join the darkside


I Love my Intuos 4 Stamp by rlhcreationsPaint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed
Illustrator Stamp by mushirAdobe Photoshop Stamp by SoulTutorialFlash stamp by mushir


For commissions please look to the commissions widget at the top of my page. They are priced based on how long it takes to complete them.



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James Earl Jones is the only voice that enters my mind as I read Ivar Du'món's lines. So there you go, Ivar's voice claim. 

(Finished rewriting and filling in plot holes for Modern Dragons I, y'all are going to love it more now)
Just a friendly reminder that my art is not free to use. Just because I put it here doesn't make it okay to take for your youtube posts. Crediting me doesn't mean you get to keep it in your youtube tribute or story video. I'm looking at you 5% of my followers. 
White Tiger Black Jaguar archetype rival sprung to mind. Looks like Modern Dragons won't end after Return to Berk. 
Is it so hard to ask for a Viking Disney princess? 

I want one more than anything. 


KashimusPrime has started a donation pool!
5,627 / 2,000
I could use help keeping up with the subscription, any and all help would be appreciated. Those who donate I'll try to give a Llama to them.

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2 Chapters every Friday or 1 chapter every Friday? 

33 deviants said 1 chapter is fine
22 deviants said 2 Chapters!


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Judge not by the shape of my avatar

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Oh you think I'm ruud? Sorry not sorry I hurt your fee-fees over criticism on an ART website

I respect the rules. So don't get pissy at me if I try to explain the rules to you should you have stuff that doesn't belong to you in your gallery.

Unless you're asking for redlines, criticism on either a work of your art/character design, or showing me something, please do not beg me for points, or pageviews. I'm not a charity(If I was feeling it, I'll donate of my own free will) and chances are I'll have come across your gallery at some point on my own.

I do not have siblings younger than myself.

If someone claims this trying to keep my art, they are lying.

Why would I be jealous of your traced/copied garbage when I can draw for myself?

As clever as your screenshot edits may be, it's not art.

Please do not beg me to look at or like your gallery. I have different varying tastes in art. I say this because I've had people begging for views. Not cool.

Respect isn't a hand out. You can't demand it, you must fucking earn it. So don't expect me to instantly be your friend or respect you without giving me respect in return.

I just don't like kids anymore.

I thought I was on deviantART, not 4Chan.

:iconcautionplz: I am not here to babysit you.

:iconcautionplz:If you have a request for my Learn2Draw blog, please don't be afraid or hesitate to ask me here. This works for those of you who don't have a tumblr as well.

:iconcautionplz:You cannot copy my art under any circumstances. I don't care if your family member/boyfriend/dog is sick or dying. You have no idea how hard it is to get the poses and everything right.

:iconcautionplz:If you have something to share with me, please note it. Don't post it for all to see.

:iconcautionplz:I may occasionally do trades, but I am not open for them

:iconcautionplz:Please do not ask me to join your contests

:iconcautionplz:Please refrain from reposting my art on your youtube/videos, facebook, photobucket, blog, fanpop, or editing my art for Aniroleplay.

:iconcautionplz:Oh you hate me? Please leave a message with my secretary and I'll get back with you soon


Fan Art

Yes you may draw fan art of my OCs.

Yes you may draw your OCs with my OCs.

No you may not claim ownership of my OCs if I no longer use them.

No you may not RP my OCs on any forums or websites.

No NSFW images please. Reserved for extremely close friends only.

If you draw fan art, please use the mentions system so that I may see it. Or note it to me if it's off site.

Pokemon Party



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